Welcome to the shop! April news.

April 10, 2017

Hi! Jessica and David from Chikai here. 👋

First of all, thanks for visiting our shop. In this first post, you will find our latest products and a cool tutorial about how to make crochet flowers. Also, scroll all the way to the bottom so you get the sweet discount we are including for you as well! Thanks for joining us, we will be in touch next month! 

🆕 PRODUCTS! You ask, we deliver

20mm Bear / Doll Joints

We got lots of requests for these and they are finally here. They’re used to give your plushies and dolls the ability to move their little arms and legs!

12mm Triangular Black Nose

We already had the 8mm and 15mm noses, so we’re adding an intermediate size to give you more choices

6mm Blue Eyes

Adding a new color to the very popular 6mm safety eyes. Already in black and brown, now also in blue. These ones come with metallic washers that keep them in place very neatly since these eyes have a flat shank.

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