Wooden Teether 1 x 55mm STAR Unfinished


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Material: Beech Wood (the color of the wood can change a bit, depending on the the shade and grain of the wood).
Size: 55mm the longest part and the inner circle is 20mm x 20mm.
Quantity: This article includes 1 wooden bird.
Treatment: Natural, Unfinished
Shape: Star
Uses: Lactating Necklace, Rattles, Teething toys.

Natural organic wooden star-shaped piece with plain finish.

The star is made out of untreated wood. No artificial substances or chemicals have been used during the production of the products.

The star comes unfinished, apply your own oils or honey to polish it. This star is ideal to make teething rings, lactating necklaces or rattle toys for kids.

This piece is shaped like a star and has a width of 55mm the longest part and the inner circle is 20mm x 20mm.

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Safety warning
These items are small and can be dangerous for small kids. We do not recommend leaving small children alone with the products.



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