Semicolon necklace on black acrylic with silver plated chain / statement necklace / acrylic necklace / ; necklace


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Material: Acrylic
Size: 55cm long x and the acrylic pendant is 5cm long (21.65 long and the pendant is 2 inches)
Quantity: This article includes 1 “bye” necklace.

Semicolon necklace made with black acrylic and silver plated chain with silver plated rings and necklace clasp. The necklace from end to end measures 55cm long (21.6 inches). If you want to make it shorter you can slightly adjust with the extension chain included at the end of the necklace. If you want a bit longer, just drop me a line and I’ll make you longer for free, because it’s made to order and I cut and make the chains myself.

In the context of grammar, a semicolon is used to combine two complete sentences that are related. While a period signifies that two sentences are saying different things, a semicolon is used when two sentences are so closely related that a period would be too much of a separation. In other words, a semicolon means that the thought is not quite over even though the sentence is—there’s still more to come, it’s related with mental health awareness.

You can also change the colour of the acrylic, I have many colours on stock but please ask me first so we can talk about the options. I have some pastel colours as well as normal ones.

To clean your piece you can simply wipe everything with a glasses cloth or soft cloth, both the chain and the acrylic. It also will be good if you can store in a jewellery box or bag without any other piece to prevent damage and to prevent the chain to darken. Acrylic can be scratched very easily, so keep that in mind.

The acrylic are made out of recycled acrylic from local UK business. The chain, rings and clasp are from a local business in the UK.

The necklace from end to end, including the acrylic measures 55cm long (21.6 inches).

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Safety warning
These items are small and can be dangerous for small kids. We do not recommend leaving small children alone with the products.



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