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Material: Maple Plywood, Acrylic base and optional cork
Dimensions: Each coaster measures 10cm / 4 in.
Quantity: This article includes 4 coasters with the selected options.
Treatment: Finished and ready to use.

This article is a quality-finished laser cut Japanese style set of 4 coasters. Because of the hexagonal shape the coasters are like a puzzle, you can make bigger table mat of 4 coasters measuring 25cm x 18cm / 9.84in x 7.08in.

The coaster contains the wooden layer (the one with the pattern) and bellow the acrylic layer glued with a special super strong glue. If you want, you can add a cork base to protect the acrylic from scratching and also to avoid being slippery. Each layer measures 3mm high (0.11in). Two layers will be 6mm (0.23in) in total, 3 layers will be 9mm (0.35in) in total.

Please select if you want 2 layer option or 3 layer option. You can also select the acrylic layer colour.

Some patterns meanings:

– Asanoha (Hemp Leaves): Hemp is a hardy plant, able to grow fast and straight without requiring much attention. As a result, this plant has become a symbol of vigor, resistance and healthy growth. This pattern was often used on babies’ and children’s kimonos with the hope that they would grow up big and strong.

– Seigaiha (Blue Ocean Waves): Symbolizes a peaceful sea, quiet strength and good fortune. The name originates from the gagaku ancient court dance called Seigaiha, in which the dancers wear costumes with this pattern. There is a scene in The Tale of Genji where Genji dances the Seigaiha. Formerly, this Japanese pattern was used to represent oceans and seas on vintage maps.

– Karakusa (Winding Plant): This pattern was introduced into Japan via the Silk Road by China during the Nara period (710-794). The vines stretching in all directions symbolize longevity and prosperity. It has become well known as the pattern of the furoshiki cloth that robbers used to carry off stolen goods. It suggests that whichever house they broke into, the pattern was so popular that there was always a furoshiki with the pattern there.

The item comes already mounted and ready to use. Not suitable for dishwasher.

Important info about laser engraved items
Laser engraving process it’s about burning the wood. The burnt wood item can smell as a inevitable part of the process. If you normally like the smell of log fire, this is very similar. If you don’t like this kind of smell, do not worry because it naturally fades away in a couple of days. We pack the item carefully and with a Do not blend envelope, if it’s damaged in transit please send us a message straight away. The grain and colour may vary slightly with each individual piece because of the wood, which makes it unique.

We ship directly from the UK, ensuring your items will arrive much faster than if you order from China. Our items to the UK arrive within a few days from the day they are ordered, through Royal Mail. No more waiting for your orders!

Safety warning
These items are meant to be handled by adults ONLY, with the purpose of DIY or home decor.

Acrylic base colour

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Cork base




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