Custom pet portrait acrylic keyring / Pet memorial keyring / Pet gift/ Engraved acrylic pet portrait keychain




Material: Clear acrylic and zinc alloy metal chain/ring.
Size: Measures varies around 7 cm (2.75 in) long (chain not counted on the measures).
Quantity: This pack includes your pet head and name engraved in a acrylic keyring.
Shape: Pet head.
Uses: Keyring.

The keyring is made out of clear acrylic. The keyrings also includes the chain and the ring as well.

Send us some of your best pet photos so we can choose the best one to convert into an amazing engraved keyring. You can add your pet’s name as well, choose from the fonts provided or send us a new font. It’s very important that you send us various photos of your pet so we can work with you on chosen the best ones for engraving.

IMPORTANT: The images should be with good quality and dark background for light colour pets or light background for darker colour pets. We need some images with good contrast to be able to separate the head from the background. If you are not sure if your images will work, please send us a message BEFORE buying so we can talk about it.

SHIPPING ESTIMATES depends on how fast do you send us the images or the conversations about if you like the end result or want some changes. If the process goes smoothly, everything will be sent on time. But if the process goes slow because the customer don´t email back or they don´t send good photos, the shipping times will be increased.

Please specify your pet name (or text do you want on the keyring). Bear in mind that the longer the name, the smaller it will be on the keyring.

Important info about laser engraved items
Laser engraving process it’s about burning the acrylic. The burnt plastic item can smell as a inevitable part of the process. If you don’t like this kind of smell, do not worry because it naturally fades away in a couple of days. We pack the item carefully and with a Do not bend envelope, if it’s damaged in transit please send us a message straight away.

How to use it
The keyring are already made and it’ll shipped ready to use or to give to someone as a gift.

Measures varies between 5-6 cm (1.96in/2.36 in) long (chain not counted on the measures).

We ship directly from the UK, ensuring your items will arrive much faster than if you order from China. Our items to the UK arrive within a few days from the day they are ordered, through Royal Mail. No more waiting for your orders!

Safety warning
These items are meant to be handled by adults ONLY, with the purpose of keyrings.

Name Font

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Acrylic, zinc alloy

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