Black Friday Sale!

November 22, 2018

Hi! Jessica and David from Chikai here. 👋 Happy Thanksgiving to our North American friends!

First, a life update. We’ve been very busy with the shop, but more importantly, we’re fully into learning how to be a parent, as our little daughter was born in March! This should hopefully explain the lack of regular communication. 

This month we’re kicking off a Black Friday sale, check it out below! As always, if you have any item you’d like us to stock just reach out and we will be happy to explore the idea!

Until next time!


My recommendations 😮

Cool stuff I like.

Today I’m sharing this lovely free pattern from Amigurumei that lets you make Kirika, the pocket unicorn. Absolutely lovely stuff, check it out!

Instagram is on 🔥

Over 34,000 followers and growing.

Did these lovely cake toppers for a happy customer, they looked awesome on the day!